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    Iris Reading is the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading & memory training. Our proprietary programs have been taught worldwide to over a million students, executives and lifelong learners.

    Learn how to demonstrate high proficiency with speed reading and memory techniques while helping other people to do the same as an Accredited Speed Reading Coach through the IRIS Academy™.

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    •   Speed Reading Bootcamp

      Teaching others how to effectively implement this skill-set requires a strong understanding of the most important concepts and techniques while mastering the fundamentals for yourself.

      This 6-week program consists of 1-on-1 instruction, web-based training, instructor guided resources and continuing education post-certification.

      Accreditation programs are administered by Iris semi-annually. If your organization is sponsoring this training on your behalf, please email [email protected] to expedite your application after completing the form on this page.

        Certificate of Accreditation

      A Certificate of Accreditation will be provided upon successful completion of the program. If your purpose is to coach other people, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to teach the techniques by recording your own sessions. Your performance will be assessed and constructive feedback provided to help you sharpen your presentation.

        Associate Instructors & Strategic Partnerships

      We pride ourselves on developing strategic partnerships with accredited instructors. Iris invests significant time & resources for these specialized trainings, and will only move forward if we believe the relationship can be mutually beneficial. Accreditation does not guarantee a working relationship with Iris, although various opportunities may be explored.

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