Speed Reading & Memory Workshop
Open To All Berkeley Students, Faculty & Staff

Sponsored By:
Haas Business School Association


  Too Much To Read? Not Enough Time?

These 90-minute webinars will help you read faster, remember more and boost your productivity. Save time with Harvard Business Review cases, annual reports / 10Ks, financial statements, market research, business books, contracts, legal documents, industry news outlets – Bloomberg, WSJ, Financial Times, among many other types of informational reading.


Session 1 – Speed Reading 101 (CLASS FULL!)
Tuesday, November 5th from 2:30PM – 4:00PM

  Learn How To:

    •    Increase Your Reading Speed Using Practical Techniques
    •    Improve Comprehension with Better Focus and Concentration
    •    Approach Technical Material and Analytical Reading More Effectively
    •    Remember More of What You Read Using Proven Methods
    •    Read Faster on the Computer Screen and Other Digital Devices


Session 2 – Maximizing Memory (CLASS FULL!)
Tuesday, November 5th from 4:30PM – 6:00PM

  What You’ll Learn:

  •    How Your Memory Works
  •    Boosting Your Short-Term and Long-Term Memory
  •    Remembering Vital Information Using Specific Memory Techniques
  •    Memorizing Long Lists of Information in a Precise Order
  •    Recalling Detailed Information Using an Ancient Greek Technique

  Were You Unable To Attend The Live Sessions?


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