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At Iris Reading, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way people read and remember information. Our Speed Reading & Memory Workshops are meticulously designed to empower participants with cutting-edge techniques for navigating and retaining complex technical materials. Whether you’re a professional looking to sharpen your cognitive skills, a student aiming to enhance your academic performance, or simply someone interested in personal development, our workshops are tailored to meet a wide range of needs.

Speed Reading & Memory Training

Iris Reading stands out for its dynamic approach to learning, offering a variety of formats to cater to different learning preferences.

Public Classes:

Open to the general public, these workshops provide an opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and learn in a collaborative setting. Our public classes are ideal for those who thrive in interactive environments. Learn more about our classes.

Online Courses:

For those who prefer the convenience of learning at their own pace, our online courses offer comprehensive training in speed reading and memory techniques. These courses are accessible worldwide, ensuring that anyone can enhance their learning skills from the comfort of their home. Explore our online courses.

Private Workshops:

We offer specialized workshops (in-person & live virtual instruction) tailored to the specific needs of organizations or groups. These private workshops are perfect for corporate teams, educational institutions, or any group seeking a personalized learning experience. Discover our private workshop offerings.

Why Iris Reading?

Renowned globally, Iris Reading has established itself as a leader in cognitive enhancement training. Our workshops have been embraced by top-tier institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago, and by leading organizations including NASA, Google, and multiple Fortune 500 companies. Our workshops are built on the foundation of providing practical, effective techniques for:

  Enhanced Reading Speed:

Learn to read faster while maintaining, and even improving, comprehension. This skill is invaluable for tackling large volumes of material in both professional and academic settings.

  Improved Comprehension:

We teach active reading and critical analysis strategies, helping participants discern and retain key information from complex texts.

  Memory Enhancement:

Our workshops include memory techniques designed to improve the retention and recall of critical information, facilitating long-term knowledge retention.

  Tailored Towards Technical Content:

Our focus on analytical reading ensures that professionals in various fields can apply these skills directly to their work, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

  Blended Learning:

With a mix of live instruction and self-paced resources, our workshops offer a flexible learning model that suits a variety of learning styles.

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