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How Does Reading Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

How Does Reading Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

After a long day’s work, it is nice to have an after-work routine to wind down for the evening. You see this all the time on TV and in the movies. A group of coworkers will go to the same bar every day and talk things over a pint of beer. For you, it may […]

The Simple Technique to Help Your Child Read More Fluently

The Simple Technique to Help Your Child Read More Fluently

Many elementary school children have no problem recognizing words, but their reading fluency could use a bit of help. Reading fluency is the ability to read quickly, accurately, and with the right expression. When a child has trouble with fluency, you can hear it as they read aloud. They sound more chopping and robotic, as […]

How Can You Motivate Myself To Study?

How Can You Motivate Yourself To Study?

How many times have you found yourself shying away from the books and making up reasons why you should spend time with classmates? All students are guilty of procrastinating studying and doing homework. Students who procrastinate are more likely to have low self-confidence, high anxiety, and are more frustrated than their peers. Especially in high […]

Best Dads in Literature

The 8 Best Dads in Literature, According to Readers

It’s Father’s Day weekend! This means you should spend it with some who readers believe to be the best dads in literature. In their unique way, all of these fathers taught their children valuable lessons that paved the way for their success. Readers chose these characters because they too learned from their words of wisdom. […]

Do we lose memories forever

Do We Lose Memories Forever?

How many times has this happened to you? You are out with friends exchanging stories about your childhood when someone tells a story about you. For a second, you think they are playing a joke on you. “Did that really happen?” you ask yourself, pausing as you wish you could remember the memory on your […]