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Advanced Speed Reading

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What You'll Learn:

   How Fast Do You Read? (Initial Speed Measurement)
   Speed Reading Fundamentals
   Changing Old Reading Habits
   Drills and Exercises to Increase Speed
   Reading Faster on the Computer and Other Digital Screens
   How To Improve Comprehension Using Proven Methods
   Approaching Technical Material More Effectively
   How To Remember More of What You Read
   How Fast Do You Read? (Mid-Workshop Speed Measurement)
   Note-Taking Strategies: How To Take Better and Faster Notes
   Mind-Mapping to Capture Ideas Rather Than Sentences
   How To Boost Your Focus and Concentration While Reading
   Applying the 80/20 Principle Towards Reading Dense Material
   How Your Memory Works
   Boosting Your Short-Term & Long-Term Memory
   Remembering Detailed Information Using Memory Techniques
   How To Manage a Large Volume of Reading
   How Fast Do You Read? (Final Speed Measurement)
   Improving Your Reading Speed Beyond the Workshop

Class Includes:

  Certificate of CompletionSpeed Reading & Memory Class

  Refresher Content

  Web-Based Tools

  Practice Guides

  Supplemental Materials

  Guided Training Resources

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