Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp

The New IRIS Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp Series Focuses on Purposeful Reading, Prioritizing Your Reading & Managing Your Information Intake.

Learn Practical Techniques That Will Help You:

+ Read Faster
+ Remember More
+ Boost Your Productivity

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Speed Reading Bootcamp

Learn How To:

  Increase Your Reading Speed Using Practical Techniques

  Improve Comprehensive with Better Focus and Concentration

  Approach Technical Content and Analytical Reading More Effectively

  Remember Vital Information Using Specific Memory Techniques

  Read Faster on the Computer Screen and Other Digital Devices

What’s Covered?

  How Fast Do You Read? (Initial Speed Measurement)
  Speed Reading Fundamentals
  Changing Old Reading Habits
  Essential Eye-Training: Drills & Exercises To Increase Speed
  Reading Faster On The Computer & Other Digital Screens

  How To Improve Comprehension
  Approaching Technical Content More Effectively
  How To Remember More Of What You Read
  Mind-Mapping & Note-Taking Strategies
  How To Boost Your Focus & Concentration
  Applying The 80/20 Principle Towards Reading

  Remembering Information Using Specific Memory Techniques
  How To Deal With a Large Volume of Reading
  How To Read While Dealing With Charts & Diagrams
  How To Memorize New Vocabulary Quickly
  Improving Your Reading Speed Beyond This Program
  How Fast Do You Read? (Final Speed Measurement)

About Your Instructor:

Paul NowakPaul Nowak is the Founder & CEO of IRIS, the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading and memory training. He has been a guest speaker at universities that include Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Berkeley, NYU and Columbia University. His programs have been taught worldwide to over 1 Million students, executives and lifelong learners, including at companies such as NASA, Google, Fidelity Investments, Gilead Sciences, among other prestigious research institutions.

Speed Reading Bootcamp FAQ

What is the time commitment for this program?

IRIS Speed Reading Bootcamp was originally developed as a series of live sessions facilitated by virtual instruction over several weeks:

  • 5+ Hours of Content
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Custom Exercises
  • Refresher Videos
  • Bonus Content

The recordings from each of the live sessions is immediately accessible and the individual lessons can be completed at your own pace.

Is speed reading appropriate for everyone?

Our speed reading and memory workshops are ideal for students, working professionals, executives and lifelong learners. The techniques can be practiced by any individual who has basic fluency with reading and vocabulary. Our programs focus on purposeful reading, prioritizing your reading, and managing your information intake.

How much time do I need to invest to see results?

The Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp includes 5+ hours of content. When applying drills and exercises in your own reading material, the recommended daily time-investment is 15+ minutes.

This skill-set can be implemented immediately in your own material. If you already have some purposeful reading that needs to get done, it would be a strategic way to reinforce the techniques simultaneously.

What will this speed reading virtual training do for me?

You will learn how to implement practical techniques that help you read faster, remember more and boost your productivity. The video course covers strategic approaches and can be customized for a variety of reading material you already deal with on a daily basis.

Can I ask questions and communicate with the instructor?

Each of the lessons allows you to submit questions to the instructor. You will receive bonus access to a video library of content that we have been developing, which answers frequently asked questions from previous Bootcamp participants. You may also contact our knowledgable reps at [email protected] if you have questions.

Will the video tutorials and course content ever expire?

FREE Lifetime Access is included with your registration and the individual lessons can be completed at your own pace. The video modules can be revisited anytime if you need a refresher.

Do the classes include interactive drills & exercises?

A variety of essential eye-training exercises will be facilitated by the instructor, which improves your ability to see words at a faster pace and pick up groups of words more effectively. You will measure your reading speed several times throughout to help you keep track of immediate improvements and overall progress.

Can I organize private workshop(s) for my team or event?

Yes! We organize private workshops all the time. The sessions can be customized for specific groups or tailored towards a broader audience. Depending on how comprehensive you want this to be (90-minute session, 4-hour workshop, multi-week training series, etc.), we can accelerate the content to fit any timeframe that works best for you.

Types of Programs:

  • Virtual Instruction (Live Sessions)
  • On-Site Workshops (In-Person)
  • Video Courses (eLearning Platform)
  • Professional Development (Series)
  • Executive Training (Customized)
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Events or Conferences
  • Continuing Education Fulfillment
  • Certifications & Accreditation

To organize private instruction, please Contact Us by emailing [email protected] or calling 312-857-4747 directly.



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