NEW Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp

Introducing our NEW Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp Workshop Series! This all-encompassing series is your ticket to accelerating your reading speed, enhancing your memory, and elevating your productivity. Discover how to breeze through new information rapidly while retaining it effectively. Whether you’re dealing with daily reading or tackling complex technical material, we’ve got you covered with practical techniques to make the most of your time.



Advanced Speed Reading

Overwhelmed by a sea of text and too little time? Join our NEW Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp to read faster and remember critical information with specific memory techniques while supercharging your productivity.

Learn How To:

  Boost Your Reading Speed with Practical Techniques

  Enhance Comprehension Through Improved Focus and Concentration

  Master the Art of Tackling Technical and Analytical Content Effectively

  Recall Vital Information Using Specific Memory Techniques

  Navigate Digital Screens with Lightning-Fast Reading Skills

About Your Instructor:

Paul Nowak is the Founder & CEO of IRIS, the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading and memory training. Renowned internationally, IRIS Workshops have gained acclaim for their transformative impact on learning and cognitive skills. With a storied history of collaborations, Iris Reading has been welcomed by esteemed institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of Chicago, Georgetown, Columbia University, and NYU, among a plethora of others. Moreover, our expertise extends beyond academia to include training for executives across diverse sectors. Organizations like NASA, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Fidelity Investments, the Social Security Administration, U.S. Military & Intelligence, and multiple Fortune 500 companies have benefited from our workshops.

Speed Reading & Memory Mastery Bootcamp

Session 1: Accelerate Your Reading Potential

  Discover Your Reading Speed Baseline
  Master the Foundations of Speed Reading
  Revolutionize Your Reading Habits for Speed
  Exercises for Lightning-Fast Reading
  Digital Screen Domination
  Elevate Comprehension Skills
  Measure Your Progress: Speed Check

Session 2: Decode, Remember, and Conquer

  Conquer Technical Texts with Confidence
  Unlock Total Recall for What You Read
  Mid-Workshop Speed Check
  Note-Taking Ninja Techniques
  Mind Mapping for Creative Insights
  Laser-Focus on Reading
  The 80/20 Rule for Complex Material

Session 3: Memory Marvels, Techniques and Secrets

  Unleash the Power of Your Memory
  Supercharge Short-Term and Long-Term Recall
  Memorize Long Lists with Precision
  Ancient Greek Memory Hacks
  Memory Magic: A Mathematical Touch

Session 4: Reading Efficiency and Productivity Hacks

  Tame the Reading Mountain
  Charts and Diagrams: No Match for You
  Memorizing New Vocabulary on Turbo
  Enhance Productivity with Spaced Retrieval Practice
  Simple Strategies for Supercharged Productivity

Session 5: From Abstraction to Lightning Speed

  Transform Abstract Data into Visual Brilliance
  Liberation from Information Addiction
  Digital Tools for Unbeatable Focus
  Final Speed Measurement: Are You Ready for Greatness?
  Elevate Your Reading Speed Beyond Limits… Again!



Reading Comprehension Strategies


Having The Ability To Get Through New Information Quickly, And Remember It, Is Becoming An Essential Skill In Need Of Constant Improvement & Fine-Tuning.

Mastery Course


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