Iris Reading - Part 5
Irish Writers

11 Irish Writers To Read On St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s day! Today is the day to wear green, dine on corn beef, and enjoy a pint if you so choose to. The tradition dates back to the ninth or 10th century when Catholics in Ireland observed March 17th as the feast day Saint Patrick. Interestingly enough, the first St. Patrick’s day parade […]

Best Books To Help You Figure Out Your Life

The 7 Best Books To Help You Figure Out Your Life

What a journey it is to figure out what you want to do after high school and beyond. Deciding whether or not to go to college, what college to go to, and what to study are all decisions that require you to go deep and figure out what you are passionate about in life. Graduation […]

Book Recommendations from Seth Godin

10 Book Recommendations from Seth Godin

Marketing takes a lot of creativity, and one of the most creative marketing minds is author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin. Godin created a direct marketing agency, Yoyodyne, that was eventually acquired by web giant Yahoo! for $30 million. Such a success story makes Godin a CEO many aspire to and look to for business advice. […]

Entrepreneur Books

14 Entrepreneur Books that Will Empower Any Businesswoman

More women are becoming interested in the idea of entrepreneurship. Still, the challenges that come with starting a business can intimidate anyone. Increasing opportunities in the workplace, access to mentors, and corporate education opportunities like STEM are all attributing to the increase in confidence of businesswomen across all industries. With a little help from books, […]


10 Book Recommendations From Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg made it big when he created Facebook in 2004 while attending Harvard. Not long after, he dropped out of school to focus on his app that would change the internet. In 2012 Facebook went public, and now Zuckerburg is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Yet, like many busy CEOs, he […]

Book Recommendations from Sir Richard Branson

10 Book Recommendations from Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson started his first company when he was 16-years-old. The Student interviewed celebrities but was best known for its success with ads. He went on to start a mail-order record company that he called Virgin. Since then, Branson has owned and operated businesses in wireless communications, airlines, health clubs, renewable technologies, and even a […]