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Is Memory Decline Inevitable in Older Age?

Is Memory Decline Inevitable in Older Age? (Read This First!)

Many people think that memory loss is an inevitable condition with old age. However, it does not always have to be like that. Older people may have trouble remembering trivial details, but considerable memory loss usually indicates a serious underlying condition and can be prevented. Almost 6.2 million seniors aged 65 or above have Alzheimer’s […]

Can Memorizing Improve Memory

Can Memorizing Improve Memory? (Important Facts)

Memorizing can help improve your memory by stimulating neural plasticity that alters the brain’s neural pathways. When you acquire new knowledge through memorization, the functional changes in these pathways can help improve both short-term and long-term memory.   While memorization seems to have fallen out of favor, studies have shown that it can help you […]

Is Memorization Bad for Learning? (12 Important Facts)

Is Memorization Bad for Learning? (12 Important Facts)

Memorization or rote learning is a learning technique where one repeats facts and figures over and over again. The repetition instills this information into the students’ memory banks. Rote learning or rote memory is used in primary, secondary, and tertiary education and is still the direct technique used in teaching most subjects. While this learning […]

Is Mathematics All About Memorization

Is Mathematics All About Memorization? (6 Minute Read)

Mathematics requires more practice to be an expert in the field rather than memorization. But many students and some teachers focus more on memorizing mathematics formulas. It is also true that memorization is the primary means of learning the formulas or algorithms of mathematics. Many memory techniques can help you memorize numbers for chemistry, physics, […]

Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence

Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence? (Quick Facts)

Having a bad memory is a sign of high intelligence. If you have a hard time remembering, it’s a good indication that your brain is more focused on the essential things. Packing your brain full of memories for an exam or a business meeting is overrated and could harm your chances of success.  Memory is […]

Is Memorization Good for Learning

Is Memorization Good for Learning? (10 Important Facts)

While memorization in learning may not be the ultimate goal, it’s necessary on many occasions. You use rote learning or memorization when you repeat something and remember it. Memorization is good for learning because it trains the brain to remember things. The memorization task makes your mind exercise, giving it more strength to retain information. […]