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Does Speed Reading Actually Work?

Speed reading works perfectly for silent readers who have mastered the art of eliminating subvocalization (silent speech) and using their peripheral vision to seamlessly connect different words into flowing sentences. Individuals who read at pace use a cognitive strategy that focuses on improving their ability to scan blocks of text. Speed readers also have better […]

Everything You Need to Know About a Speed Reading Course

When you think of a speed reading course, do you picture people flipping pages rapidly and finishing huge novels in a matter of minutes? If so, you are thinking about the wrong type of speed reading course. Most scientists agree that this type of speed reading course is impossible because while the reader has “finished” […]

How To Avoid & Overcome Procrastination

Putting things off until it is time to hit the panic button happens more than we would like to admit. Procrastination is not a habit of being lazy and unmotivated. Some of the most highly motivated and intelligent people can suffer from the effects of it. Procrastination hits those in some of the most coveted […]

Speed-Reading Course – Science, Practice, Excellence

The ever-increasing speed of life causes us to have less time to do more things than ever. In today’s hectic world, a speed-reading course could be a game-changer for you. Why?  We spend quite some time reading. Think about what would happen if you knew how to read books faster? If you could go through […]

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7 Coolest Bookstores In The World

Ask an avid reader where their summer travels take them, and you’ll get the same response, “the bookstore!” Print is still very much alive, and with elaborate history-packed bookstores around the world, it will be a long time before the internet or large chains put these retailers out of business. Independent bookstores give you a […]