Iris Reading
Shakespeare and Co., Paris, France

7 Coolest Bookstores In The World

Ask an avid reader where their summer travels take them, and you’ll get the same response, “the bookstore!” Print is still very much alive, and with elaborate history-packed bookstores around the world, it will be a long time before the internet or large chains put these retailers out of business. Independent bookstores give you a […]

How to read a clinical trial paper

How To Read a Clinical Trial Paper

There is a science about reading about science. Research studies are a med student’s best friend when it comes time to writing dissertations and publications for science journals. Medicine has come a long way since humans first discovered life-saving medications like penicillin. Even in ten years, drugs to help those with once thought unmanageable illnesses […]

reading levels

The Three Myths About “Reading Levels” Everyone Should Know

  Measuring success, progress, and overall growth is something that all industries and companies do. Having a base number to compare yourself to allows you to see what you can improve on. The same idea comes to reading and writing. There are different scales and methods to measure a persons’ reading level. This is more […]

cell phone addiction

Your Brain Doesn’t Recharge If You Use Your Phone on Break

It’s funny (and freighting) at the amount of time people spend on their phones. Go to any cafe in the morning, and take a look around at what others are doing. You’ll see some folks reading a book or a paper (which we encourage!), especially if they are on a break from work. Although, chances […]

How the Brain Processes Language

Scientists are always finding something new about the brain that answers more questions and creates new ones. From month old babies and beyond, the brain learns how to process movement, emotions, and language. Yes, a month old baby can’t read, speak, or write. Yet, their brain learns to process language, and slowly but surely, they […]