Iris Reading

What Happens If You Read Every Day?

In his role as a prolific author and guru to writers everywhere, Stephen King is often quoted for his advice to writers, both established authors and wannabe writers. “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: You must write a lot and you must read a lot.” What […]

Why is My Reading Speed So Slow?

Why Is My Reading Speed So Slow? Does it seem it takes a month for you to read a novel? Did it seem that others would get through their learning materials incomparably faster than yourself in school and college? Have you ever wondered why your reading speed is so slow? You are not alone. Many […]

what is subvocalization

What Is Subvocalization and Why You Should Stop Practicing It

Everyone at one point or another has caught themself pronouncing words in their head while reading. What you are doing is called subvocalization, and it is one of the many things speed readers learn not to do when starting out. Years ago, as you were beginning to learn to read, you were taught to sound […]

ways to increase your reading speed

5 Ways To Increase Your Reading Speed

Do you find that “boring” documents take you longer to get through versus a fun fantasy novel you’re itching to find out how the story ends? You are not alone! Why you read one piece of text faster than the other could very well depend on your interest in the topic, but it doesn’t have […]

How To Speed Read Without Skimming

You probably know someone out there who is in a perpetual state of information overload. The main side effect of which, is the inability to properly comprehend and remember the information that reaches them through their many digital devices, and that often results in the practice commonly known as skimming. Perhaps you are even one […]

Reading Mistakes

Are You Making These 3 Reading Mistakes?

When was the last time you learned how to read? If you’re like most people, it was probably at some point early on in grade school. The problem with most educational systems is that there is little follow up in teaching students how to read more efficiently. You may have learned the basics, but very […]