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Does Everyone Have Subvocalization

Does Everyone Have Subvocalization?

Many people have subvocalization, but not everyone experiences this phenomenon.  Research has found that subvocalization happens because of our speech organs. They mimic the movements of talking while we are reading silently. This makes us hear our own words in our heads. Subvocalization has been theorized to improve comprehension and reinforce learning. However, it can […]

Can’t Comprehend Without Subvocalization?

Can’t Comprehend Without Subvocalization? Here’s What to Do!

Reading has a lot of benefits. It improves your knowledge, memory, communication skills, etc. However, getting the enriching benefits of reading depends on how well you comprehend what you read. Reading without comprehension is a complete waste of time. It’s equivalent to the proverbial “pouring water into a basket.” To aid comprehension, most people practice […]

What Is Subvocalization in Reading

What Is Subvocalization in Reading? (Explained!)

Subvocalization is a form of silent speech. It is a subconscious trait that occurs when someone makes an internal speech to translate printed words by sound. It helps the mind to access meanings and remember the terms in a text.  Many people aren’t aware that they subvocalize while reading. However, the impact of this habit […]

Do Deaf People Subvocalize When They Read

Do Deaf People Subvocalize When They Read? (Important Facts)

Subvocalization means sounding out words in the mind as we read them, which is how most people were taught to read. However, the case may be different for deaf people.  Most deaf people, especially those deaf from birth, don’t subvocalize when they read. They can’t associate sounds with words like hearing people. So instead, they […]

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How To Read Faster Without Sacrificing Comprehension

How’s your reading challenge going so far? If your book pile is starting to collect dust, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to speed read and meet your book goal for the year. Some people find that it is hard to believe that speed reading increases comprehension, but it’s true! Although it may […]