Speed Reading Classes in North Carolina

  Course Description

Are you behind in your reading?

These classes will help you read faster, remember more, and boost your productivity. Get better grades in school and advance your career by learning how to approach technical and informational material more effectively, while improving your ability to memorize information.

  Foundation Class

This class goes beyond the basics and will cover the most important techniques to help you get through that list of books you’ve been meaning to read.

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      View What We’ll Cover…

    • How to break old reading habits
    • Improving comprehension while reading faster
    • Implementation of the IRIS Method for effective reading
    • Reading faster on the computer screen and other digital devices
    • Approaching various types of reading material more efficiently
    • Memorizing information through practical methods
    • How to better increase your focus and concentration while reading
    • Practice drills and exercises to reinforce learned techniques

      Classes Include

    • All Necessary Class Materials
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Supplemental Practice Tools & Support

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Iris Reading 101

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“This service is unparalleled to any other within the respective industry, and Iris’ greatest asset is their continuous growth to help a broad array of individuals. I highly recommend the Iris program to anyone interested in reaping the rewards of being a quicker and more efficient reader. I implemented their training techniques throughout my time studying for the LSAT (law school entrance examination), undergraduate coursework, and even everyday reading.” – Brandon Yosha, Student, Indiana University

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