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Destinations Every Book Lover Needs to Visit at Least Once

Ahhh, summer vacations. Time to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and discover new places. Best of all, it is time to catch up on reading! What better place to do so than in a city known for its love and support for books. For any literary lover looking for a new destination to explore, […]

100 Best Opening Lines from Books (Updated!)

The best opening lines from books are those that captivate you and make you want to keep reading. They create a sense of character, conflict, mood, setting, style, theme, or a combination of any of these things. A good opening line reflects the heart of the story. You might decide to pick up a book […]

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Children’s Books You Need to Reread As An Adult

You’re never too old to enjoy a good children’s book! Rereading children’s books as an adult can be very rewarding. The stories you knew and grew to love as a kid provide comfort, stress reduction, and the reward of rediscovering a youthful you. Rereading a children’s book as an adult also provides an outlet to […]

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55 Common Phrases You Might Not Realize Came from Books

You don’t need to be a Shakespeare aficionado to fit a fancy literary quote into a conversation. You probably already used a common phrase that came from a book today without even knowing it.  Authors have a gift of making up a word or a phrase and getting it to catch on. This happens so […]

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How Many Books Does the Average Person Read?

George R. R Martin once said readers relive thousands of lives reading, while non-readers only live once. Americans have varied reading habits across different demographics. Some prefer to flip the pages, others listen to audiobooks, and for some, scrolling through an e-book is okay. We’ll tell you how many books you can read annually and […]

13 Science Fiction Books for the Geek in You

13 Science Fiction Books for the Geek in You

Do you dream of strange alien worlds and futuristic dystopian civilizations? Heck, with the way advances in technology move along nowadays, we could even argue that we are already living in one. So for those of you who enjoy reading about the possibilities of what the human condition can, has, or may soon achieve in […]