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Is Chess Just Memorization?

Is Chess Just Memorization? (Quick Facts)

Chess is one of the most popular board games enjoyed by many people all over the world. It originated from India and was called Chaturanga, a Sanskrit word meaning “four limbs.”  However, as it is played now, modern chess does not resemble the original game. Chess is an intellectual and complex game that has been […]

Is Memorization Good for the Brain?

Is Memorization Good for the Brain? (5-Minute Read)

Memorization serves as a workout for the brain, training it to be quick, agile, and focused. The brain is like a muscle that requires exercise for optimal functioning. Besides being a mental workout, memorization also teaches the mind to remain focused when dealing with unpleasant tasks.  The world is becoming more technologically reliant, and memorization […]

Can Memorizing Improve Memory

Can Memorizing Improve Memory? (Important Facts)

Memorizing can help improve your memory by stimulating neural plasticity that alters the brain’s neural pathways. When you acquire new knowledge through memorization, the functional changes in these pathways can help improve both short-term and long-term memory.   While memorization seems to have fallen out of favor, studies have shown that it can help you […]

Can You Rebuild Your Memory?

Can You Rebuild Your Memory?

Rebuilding memory is possible through various mental exercises, lifestyle changes, improvements in diet, and supplementation. Your memory is like your muscles; it gets strong when you use it and weak when you don’t. We often experience that our memory begins to blur as we age or when life gets too busy or fast-paced.  Have you […]

Do Brain Games Actually Work?

Do Brain Games Actually Work?

Brain games stimulate the brain. But there’s no consensus in the scientific community on whether this stimulation leads to improved cognitive functions in real-life situations.  If you desire to improve your thinking skills, memory, and other cognitive functions, brain games might interest you. Read on to find out if brain games work.  In this post, […]