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How To Get The Most Out Of A Book

How To Get The Most Out Of A Book

It’s fun to join a book club to see what everyone takes away from the monthly read. For all you introverts, you can experience this by going online and reading blogs and book discussions. Did someone bring up something about a book you didn’t think of when you first read it? There is a trick […]

average reading speed of a high school student

What Impacts The Reading Speed Of High School Students?

By the time students enter high school for their freshman year, the average reading speed is roughly 151 words per minute. The goal is to reach a reading speed of 200 – 250 words per minute by the time they turn 18. Teachers say it is essential for students to read at an adequate rate […]

how reading improves social skills

How Reading Improves Your Social Life

How is your 2020 reading challenge coming along? One of the best parts about reading is all the lessons that the masterminds of words teach you. There is grammar, spelling, and sentence structure along with the information weaved inside. The power a book has on someone is more than entertainment. Books educate readers on all […]

reading levels

The Three Myths About “Reading Levels” Everyone Should Know

  Measuring success, progress, and overall growth is something that all industries and companies do. Having a base number to compare yourself to allows you to see what you can improve on. The same idea comes to reading and writing. There are different scales and methods to measure a persons’ reading level. This is more […]

reading comprehension

How To Read Faster Without Sacrificing Comprehension

How’s your reading challenge going so far? If your book pile is starting to collect dust, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to speed read and meet your book goal for the year. Some people find that it is hard to believe that speed reading increases comprehension, but it’s true! Although it may […]

How Much Coffee Should You Have After a Night’s Sleep?

Are you a nonfat chai latte kind of a person? Or are you a plain and simple black cup of coffee fiend? Some people cannot live without their shot of espresso in the morning while others need an energy drink midday pick-me-up. Whatever your caffeine intake is, you’ll be interested to find that the military […]