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What Is the Best Memory Game for Adults?

What Is the Best Memory Game for Adults?

The best memory games for adults develop critical thinking, vocabulary, and strategy skills. Sudoku, Chess, and Puzzles are considered the most effective memory games for adults.   Playing memory games is one of the best strategies for adults to build a strong mind. Memory games enhance brain function, helping adults develop stronger attention, concentration, and focus.  […]

Workplace Productivity

How to Increase Workplace Productivity

You can increase workplace productivity through effective time management, reducing distractions, and taking breaks when necessary. Map out a calendar and have a daily checklist of tasks to complete. Don’t forget to eat a proper diet and always get a good night’s sleep to recharge your body and brain. Productivity is key for business growth […]

Why Some Universities No Longer Offer MBA Programs

Earlier this year, there were multiple reports of Universities who decided to shut down their MBA programs. The University of Illinois, Univesity of Iowa, Wake Forest University, Virginia Tech, and Simmons College all announced that they will no longer be offering MBA programs. Surprised? With a strong economy, high tuition costs and less interest in […]

What is Dyslexia and the Systematic Approach to Treatment

One of the most common learning disabilities that people face is dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disability that makes learning language skills difficult, most commonly seen with reading. Other skills those with dyslexia face are spelling, writing, and pronouncing words. It is not precisely clear where dyslexia comes from. What researchers do know is that in […]

Purpose Driven Reading

Purpose Driven Reading

If you’re trying to read more efficiently, you need to have a strategy and a specific purpose before you start. For most readers encountering new material, there is a natural tendency to simply begin at the top and just start reading. This may seem natural to most people, but it’s not the most optimal way […]