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Speed Reading The Classics: 1984 [VIDEO]

In celebration of National Reading Month, today we showcase a classic work of literature as run through our AccelaReader web app. The dystopian classic 1984, just in time for the upcoming elections! Note: In this video, AccelaReader will be set at 400 words per minute (WPM), and 2 words at a time. Click on each […]

How to Stop Skimming While Reading (Explained!)

You probably know someone out there who is in a perpetual state of information overload. The main side effect of this is the inability to properly comprehend and remember the information that reaches them through their many digital devices, and that often results in the practice commonly known as skimming.  Perhaps you are even one […]

7 Steps To Maximize Comprehension

7 Steps To Maximize Comprehension

Step #1: When Are You Most Productive? Figure out your peak performance period. This is the time of day where you are most focused. For some people, it’s the morning, and for others, it might be the middle of the day or at night. Try to utilize this time for your most important reading. Step […]

Leveraging Web Technology to Quickly Boost Comprehension

Leverage the Web To Improve Comprehension

In the endeavor of speed reading, one must leverage any and all techniques to help them. Utilizing the web, software, and applications are no exceptions. While the web can be a source of infinite distraction, it can also provide us with immediate and valuable information. Before you begin reading your material, pause for a moment […]

Speed Reading “Crash Course”

Speed Reading Crash Course [VIDEO]

Looking for a quick way to learn the basics of speed reading? In this video, Toronto-based instructor Joseph Rodrigues takes you through a “crash course” in speed reading to help you read faster with better comprehension. This video will show you how the Iris approach to speed reading works. Share this post:   More Resources: […]

Training Yourself to Speed Read: A Simple Exercise

Training Yourself to Speed Read: A Simple Exercise

Here is a simple speed reading exercise you can do start training yourself to become a speed reader. Take a book you have already read in the past and start reading it again. I recommend one that is actually worth reading a second time. The point of doing this is to get yourself used to […]