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What Should We Do to Avoid Laziness

What Should We Do to Avoid Laziness?

Laziness is the reluctance or no motivation to exert effort in starting to carry out the tasks assigned. A few ways to avoid laziness include setting realistic and manageable goals, positive self-talk, breaking down tasks, and having a healthy lifestyle. Research studies have shown that laziness negatively affects one’s performance and productivity regardless of whether […]

How Can I Be Productive All Day

How Can I Be Productive All Day?

A strategy that includes creating routines, planning, setting goals, prioritizing tasks, learning time management techniques, getting enough sleep, and dedicating some time to self-care will help anyone have a productive day. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living – whether you are a student, a professional, a stay-at-home mother, a freelancer, or […]

Do Brain Games Actually Work?

Do Brain Games Actually Work?

Brain games stimulate the brain. But there’s no consensus in the scientific community on whether this stimulation leads to improved cognitive functions in real-life situations.  If you desire to improve your thinking skills, memory, and other cognitive functions, brain games might interest you. Read on to find out if brain games work.  In this post, […]

Workplace Productivity

How to Increase Workplace Productivity

You can increase workplace productivity through effective time management, reducing distractions, and taking breaks when necessary. Map out a calendar and have a daily checklist of tasks to complete. Don’t forget to eat a proper diet and always get a good night’s sleep to recharge your body and brain. Productivity is key for business growth […]

10 Ways to Read Faster with Better Focus

10 Ways To Read Faster with Better Focus

Reading faster is not just about speed and how many words you can read per minute. It is also how much you understand the content that you have read. The most important thing you need to read faster without compromising your comprehension is to focus.  Focus is a big part of what it takes to […]