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Do Deaf People Have an Inner Voice?

Do Deaf People Have an Inner Voice? (Important Facts)

Deaf people do not have an inner voice but inner hearing. It’s similar to having an inner voice, except deaf people mostly experience the conversation in sign language. Some deaf people with experience and exposure to spoken speech may have an inner voice.  Internal voice is a powerful phenomenon. It’s that inaudible conversation you have […]

Can You Develop an Internal Monologue

Can You Develop an Internal Monologue?

The human mind is powerful and constantly seeking to express itself. Sometimes, in the form of an internal monologue.  Internal monologue is also sometimes known as inner speech, inner monologue, inner voice, inner monologue, private speech, intrapersonal communication, or internal dialogue or discourse.  While inner speech is thought to develop during childhood, through patience and […]

Inner Monologue and IQ

Inner Monologue and IQ (Are They Related?)

  There is a connection between a person’s inner monologue and intelligence. It is more likely for adults with developed verbal skills and a higher IQ to have a wordier inner voice than children with less language development and lower IQ.  However, some people access their internal monologue visually rather than audibly.  For instance, it […]

Is It Normal to Not Have an Internal Monologue? (Explained!)

Is It Normal to Not Have an Internal Monologue? (Explained!)

In pop culture, inner monologue is portrayed as something that only serial killers have. However, it’s not something that sinister. Many people talk and have conversations with themselves in their heads. For example, while writing this article, at many different points, I thought, “Okay, now I have to put this section here and that section […]

How Do I Know If I Have an Inner Monologue?

How Do I Know If I Have an Inner Monologue?

You can tell that you have an inner monologue when you experience signs like having songs stuck in your head, replaying a favorite podcast or movie in your mind, or having a conversation with yourself. Some people experience inner monologue in the form of hearing their voice going over the words when they read a […]