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25 Long Words That Start With S

25 Long Words That Start With S (& Their Meanings)

  Here are 60 long words starting with the letter “S” and a brief explanation of their meanings. You can use these words to broaden your vocabulary and improve your comprehension of challenging ideas.  Whether you are a student studying for an important exam, playing a scrabble game with friends, or just looking to increase […]

How to Learn Speed Reading

How to Learn Speed Reading (For Beginners)

Speed reading is the ability to read and digest information fast. Increase your reading speed without missing any relevant details. You can do so by correcting bad reading habits, learning different techniques, and practicing speed reading today. Learning how to read is essential. Without a doubt, it is a vital process in acquiring new knowledge. […]

26 Longest Words to Describe Someone

26 Longest Words to Describe Someone (Explained!)

There are many adjectives to describe people in the English language. Yet, some of the longest words are the most striking. Either positive or negative, adjectives are the perfect tool to describe a human being’s appearance, behavior, and personality. These paint a vivid picture of the person.  We can say that someone is hard-working, short-tempered, […]

What Should We Do to Avoid Laziness

What Should We Do to Avoid Laziness?

Laziness is the reluctance or no motivation to exert effort in starting to carry out the tasks assigned. A few ways to avoid laziness include setting realistic and manageable goals, positive self-talk, breaking down tasks, and having a healthy lifestyle. Research studies have shown that laziness negatively affects one’s performance and productivity regardless of whether […]

Does Reading Improve Memory?

Does Reading Improve Memory?

Reading is an important exercise for the brain that helps in improving memory by creating new neurons. It also helps strengthen the neuron connections inside the brain, making it easy to remember and retain information. Most importantly, it helps an individual concentrate, decreasing their stress levels. For many people, reading has only been reduced to […]

Can Memory Be Improved?

Can Memory Be Improved?

You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to improve your memory. To improve your memory, you should exercise, eat healthy food, and sleep well. But you should also take part in meditation and use brain-training applications to improve your memory skills. A healthy lifestyle and some training can help train your […]