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The Memory Palace Technique Unveiled

The Memory Palace Technique Unveiled: What You Need to Know

Have you ever wished that you could recall information effortlessly and precisely? Do you struggle with forgetfulness at times when you least expect it? You’re not alone!  But what if we told you there’s a time-tested method you might use to unleash the potential of your memory?  The memory palace technique, also known as the […]

Smart & Fast Memorization Techniques

14 Smart & Fast Memorization Techniques (That Even A Child Can Master)

Both children and adults benefit from learning memorization techniques. Memorization is a fundamental aspect of education and learning, so educational institutions focus on it.  Different memorization techniques can be mastered even by children. Some of these techniques include the chunking method, using mnemonic devices, and the memory palace method. Developing memorization skills through these techniques […]

How Bill Gates Remembers Everything He Reads

How Bill Gates Remembers Everything He Reads

It’s not always what you read, but how read it that makes the material stick with you. One person who can attest to this is avid reader, Bill Gates.  To date, he reports reading roughly 50 books each year on top of running a company worth over a billion dollars. That’s a lot of books […]

At Which Age Do Memories First Form?

The concept of memory is a fascinating topic that researchers are still trying to understand. In a previous article, An Overview of How the Human Memory Works, we dug deep and figured out that the brain is like a muscle that needs a good workout daily. The more use the synapses and pathways between neurons […]

Scientists Develop a New Font That Can Improve Your Memory

The written word has a fascinating history. Historians believe that writing may have been invented three times in three different parts of the world. Denise Schmandt-Besserat of the University of Texas at Austin explains more in her paper, The Evolution of Writing. “Of these three writing systems, therefore, only the earliest, the Mesopotamian cuneiform script, […]