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Mind Mapping

9 Book Recommendations from Nassim Taleb

Lebanese-American scholar, Nassim Taleb, has spent years studying problems of randomness, probability, and uncertainty. From 2001 to 2018, he published five books that he bundled into one titled Incerto. The highly recommended group of works discuss managing risk and uncertainty, something that all professionals and students alike could benefit from. The series begins with Antifragile that explains the category […]

Did Leonardo da Vinci have ADHD?

Did Leonardo da Vinci Have ADHD?

“I have always felt it is my destiny to build a machine that would allow man to fly.” – Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) Da Vinci was a man of many talents. Born in Florence, Italy, da Vinci dabbled in both the arts and sciences. His artistic contributions to our modern-day culture include the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and […]

Mind Mapping Helps You Remember

Mind Mapping Helps You Remember

Mind mapping is a great way to help you remember ideas, concepts, details, and their relation to each other in a quick, easy way. Use this method in addition to your regular note taking system as a kind of big picture “bird’s eye” view of the main concepts of an article, chapter, or segment of […]

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping [Podcast]

Mind Maps are visual diagrams that represent words, ideas, tasks or other items that are linked and arranged around a central idea or topic. In this episode, we discuss how mind mapping can help you improve your memory. You can use mind maps for note-taking in order to help you remember more of what you […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mind Mapping

Everything You Need To Know About Mind Mapping

I first learned about Mind Mapping when I took a time management course back in 2005. That course covered Mind Mapping as a tool for time management and personal productivity. At that time I did not really feel that there was much use for it, and I used it very sparingly. Fast-forward six years later, […]