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Is Medical School Just Memorization?

Is Medical School Just Memorization? (Explained for Beginners)

The mind-boggling medical concepts and difficult-to-visualize human body construction often tempt medical schools to focus on memorization instead of critical thinking. For years, the general public has believed that medical school is all about memorization. Students aspiring to be physicians or surgeons often get disheartened when they realize their memorization ability is not up to […]

Is Memory a Cognitive Process?

Is Memory a Cognitive Process? (6 Minute Read)

Memory is an essential cognitive process involving the encoding, storing, and retrieving of information.  You’ll want to have a photographic mind, won’t you? Virtually everyone wants the ability to recall things from memory with high precision.  Mastering your memory and recalling what you took in (whenever you need to) will help you excel in whatever […]

Is Memorization a Necessary Precondition of Understanding?

Is Memorization a Necessary Precondition of Understanding?

Memorization and understanding are both essential in knowledge acquisition. You must not always memorize information before you understand it. However, memorization is necessary in many instances because memorized information is often the foundation for understanding. In 2012, Michael Cove, a UK Secretary of State for Education, gave a speech on education policy and said, “memorization […]

Is Memorization Good for Learning

Is Memorization Good for Learning? (10 Important Facts)

While memorization in learning may not be the ultimate goal, it’s necessary on many occasions. You use rote learning or memorization when you repeat something and remember it. Memorization is good for learning because it trains the brain to remember things. The memorization task makes your mind exercise, giving it more strength to retain information. […]

How Can I Improve My Memory and Focus

How Can I Improve My Memory and Focus?

You can achieve better memory and focus by avoiding distractions, getting sufficient sleep, and eating healthily. It’ll also help to reduce multitasking, take breaks, and practice mindfulness meditation. But there’s more.  Focusing or concentrating is directly related to retaining and recalling things (memory). If you don’t pay full attention to something, comprehension will not be […]