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10 Management Tips to Become More Productive

10 Management Tips to Become More Productive (Explained for Beginners)

Productivity is the measure of efficiency and the effectiveness of a person’s time at work, school, and in life. Working professionals who produce more than they consume are considered productive in their workplace, while a student who can learn quickly and produce high-quality work is considered productive in their school curriculum. The management techniques you […]

How to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination (13 Proven Methods)

Beating procrastination may be challenging, but definitely not impossible. To beat procrastination, one must be aware of why they do it, make a conscious effort to stop it, create an environment that fosters productivity, and develop habits that generally support a healthy and productive lifestyle.  Ideally, everybody wants to stay productive. But as humans, people […]

How Do You Fix an Exhausted Brain

How Do You Fix an Exhausted Brain?

If you have ever felt like your brain wants to go on vacation due to stress and a demanding lifestyle, it was probably brain exhaustion. Not to worry, though, as there are ways to overcome it, such as getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising regularly, staying organized, or even getting professional help if nothing else […]

What Is Mind Mapping? (and How to Use It for Studying)

What Is Mind Mapping? (And How To Use It For Studying)

Mind mapping is a way of representing information and relationships visually. Information is presented in the form of a “mind map,” a type of spider diagram. The information is organized radially around a core concept. Mind mapping has been proven useful for memorization and learning, especially for students. In this brief article, we will explore […]

Text Comprehension Exercises You Can Practice at Home

Text Comprehension Exercises You Can Practice at Home

Some of the things you can practice at home to help you understand what you read are skimming, making connections, visualizing, summarizing, making inferences, and discussing.  Reading is a waste of time and effort if there is no comprehension. However, even though text comprehension is essential to readers at all levels, it is something that […]

How Do You Measure Personal Productivity?

How Do You Measure Personal Productivity?

You can measure productivity against benchmarks such as goals, work performance, income, and networks. As for tracking productivity, time logging, calculating personal productivity ratio, and determining productivity sinks are excellent options.   Personal productivity is when you efficiently complete tasks that lead you closer to your goals while balancing all areas of your life. Productivity makes […]