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Why Aren't Graduates Ready For Work?

Why Aren’t Graduates Ready For Work?

Millennials are called the boomerang generation for a reason. The majority of them go to school, get a degree, and somehow end up back at home where they started. The reason being is they can’t find a job. This is in part due to not being ready despite all the schooling they’ve been through. You […]

What college students wish their parents had taught them

What College Students Wish Their Parents Had Taught Them

The school year is nearly upon us, and students are preparing to head back to university. For some students, this is their first time being off on their own. Others have learned from experience what it is like to balance classes, personal obligations, work, and a social life. Many students learn these lessons by trial […]

reader's block

5 Tips To Overcome Reader’s Block

No matter how much of an avid reader you are, you are susceptible to experiencing “reader’s block.” Those that have reader’s block can’t seem to get past the first page of a book. Or, they haven’t read a book in ages. It is possible to get unstuck and reignite your passion for reading and the […]

How To Stay Productive While Working At Home

How To Stay Productive While Working At Home

With more people suddenly asked to work from home this past year, not everyone was prepared to. Companies adapted quickly using technology and apps to keep everything as “normal” as possible. Daily morning meetings are now via Zoom, and apps like Slack replaced knocking on your coworker’s cubicle to ask a quick question. For those […]

How Does Reading Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

How Does Reading Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

After a long day’s work, it is nice to have an after-work routine to wind down for the evening. You see this all the time on TV and in the movies. A group of coworkers will go to the same bar every day and talk things over a pint of beer. For you, it may […]