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Speed Reading Tips: 5 Ways to Minimize Subvocalization

Speed Reading Tips: 9 Ways to Minimize Subvocalization

Subvocalization (also known as auditory reassurance) is a widespread habit among readers. It involves saying words in your head while reading, and it’s one of the main reasons people read slowly and have trouble improving their reading speed. Many speed-reading programs tend to exaggerate and will falsely claim that the key to speed reading is […]

How To Read Faster On A Computer Screen

How To Make Reading On A Computer Easier (and Faster)

Pacers help to make reading on a computer faster and easier. You can use the highlight feature or your mouse as a pacer to help guide your reading. If the pages you want to read are clustered and pose a challenge to your eyes, copy and paste them, then reformat to improve readability. Using your […]