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11 UCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips

11 UCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips (Explained for Beginners)

The UCAT verbal reasoning segment is a high-tension part of the UCAT exam, which is why you need practical tips to pass it. You’ll need to sharpen your retention, answer questions strategically, scan at high speed, and manage your time effectively.  UCAT is an exam specifically developed to ensure that healthcare professionals meet all the […]

LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

10 LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

If you have your LSAT coming up or you are planning to take it, this article is for you.  The LSAT reading comprehension section is one of the most challenging sections for students. Many students feel they don’t have enough time to complete this section. And that’s mainly because of their inadequate preparation.  Standardized tests […]

Essential Life Skills Anyone Can Learn

5 Essential Life Skills Anyone Can Learn

Life skills are learnable throughout childhood, but many never get the chance to develop them. Some essential life skills you can learn include communicating, problem-solving, decision-making, taking responsibility for oneself and one’s actions, self-control, assertiveness, etc. These are all important life skills that you can use throughout your lifetime. Learning life skills can help you […]

26 Longest Words to Describe Someone

26 Longest Words to Describe Someone (Explained!)

There are many adjectives to describe people in the English language. Yet, some of the longest words are the most striking. Either positive or negative, adjectives are the perfect tool to describe a human being’s appearance, behavior, and personality. These paint a vivid picture of the person.  We can say that someone is hard-working, short-tempered, […]

What Is Reading Speed Used For? (For Beginners)

What Is Reading Speed Used For? (For Beginners)

Reading speed is the rate at which a person reads printed or electronic text within a given amount of time, and it is typically measured by the number of words read per minute. The average reading speed of an adult is about 250 words per minute, but being average at reading won’t help your chances […]

What Are Comprehension Strategies?

What Are Comprehension Strategies? (Explained for Beginners)

Comprehension strategies refer to methods employed during reading to understand written material better. These techniques make it easier for a reader to make sense of what they are reading and help to improve their quality of thought, critical thinking, and creativity. As a student, you must develop adequate comprehension skills to get good grades and […]