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Essential Life Skills Anyone Can Learn

5 Essential Life Skills Anyone Can Learn

Life skills are learnable throughout childhood, but many never get the chance to develop them. Some essential life skills you can learn include communicating, problem-solving, decision-making, taking responsibility for oneself and one’s actions, self-control, assertiveness, etc. These are all important life skills that you can use throughout your lifetime. Learning life skills can help you […]

What are the Benefits of Reading Comprehension?

What are the Benefits of Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension benefits for students and adults include improved writing skills, better grades in school, and improved workplace performance. Reading comprehension is the ability to read and understand written text. It is a complex cognitive process that requires the ability to read words, identify their meaning, and construct mental representations of the text. Good reading […]

How to summarize a text in English (7 easy steps)

How to Summarize a Text in English (7 Easy Steps)

Knowing how to summarize a text is an essential skill. It helps us in improving our understanding. Yet sometimes, it can pose quite a challenge. But there’s no need to get overwhelmed because we have your back! Here’s how to summarize any text in English: Carefully read the text and make sure you fully understand […]