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Why Do I Remember Everything?

Why Do I Remember Everything? (Hyperthymesia Explained!)

If you can remember every little detail about things that happened in your life, you may have something called Hyperthymesia. This condition causes you to recall several decades. Only a few people have it, and they have reported the ability to remember an abnormally large number of previous events. Scientists have not fully understood Hyperthymesia […]

How Can I Memorize Things Better?

How Can I Memorize Things Better?

Today, learning information and recalling it has become less important with the advancement of technology. Smartphones, computers, and even GPS, all eliminate the need to learn massive amounts of information.  Memory is the process of forming connections between pieces of information in our minds. Unfortunately, because of the reliance on technology, we may struggle to […]

What Are The 10 Worst Foods For Memory?

What Are The 13 Worst Foods For Memory?

Did you lose your train of thought while speaking or forget why you entered a room? You might assume that’s just part of the natural aging process, but it could also be related to what you eat. Refined carbs, fast food, processed meat, vegetable oils, and sugary drinks have detrimental effects on your brain. They […]