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What Is Comprehension Monitoring? (Explained for Beginners)

Monitoring comprehension is determining whether you understand the text you are reading. When you realize that you can’t articulate the passage’s main idea, then you can take steps to improve your comprehension before continuing to read. Students and readers know how crucial reading comprehension and retention are. Comprehension monitoring is important because it enhances reading […]

AI Machines Beat Humans on a Reading Comprehension Test

AI Machines Beat Humans on a Reading Comprehension Test (Learn How to Keep Your Edge)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a computer or computer-controlled ability to perform human-like tasks that typically require human intelligence.  Although AIs have yet to carry out various tasks specific to human beings, some machines have been discovered to match humans in some tasks, such as reading comprehension.  Microsoft and Alibaba have created computer models that, […]

What Are The Levels of Comprehension?

What Are The Levels of Comprehension?

Comprehension is the process of understanding what is being read or heard. It involves decoding the text or audio and making sense of it. Comprehension can be difficult but can be improved on with practice. Generally speaking, there are three primary levels of comprehension, and they include: Literal level comprehension Inference level comprehension Evaluative level […]

23 Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension for Adults

23 Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension for Adults

Reading comprehension consists of understanding textual and subtextual meaning. By active reading, pacing yourself, discussing the text, and taking practice quizzes, adults can improve their reading comprehension. When reading a text, your brain must process the literal words and their relationship. While this may seem like the barest minimum, it isn’t easy for some adults. […]

Why Are Classics So Hard To Read? And what to do about it

Why Are Classics So Hard To Read? (& What To Do About It)

Classics are hard to read because of the writing style, the historical settings, narrative structures, and symbolism. To improve understanding, read an annotated version and research a book’s historical period. You can also read commentaries and watch a movie to grasp the concept.  The English language has transformed over the past thousand years. Grammar, vocabulary, […]

Are Robot Reading Partners a Good Idea for Kids?

We’re in a new decade, and luckily robots have yet to take over the world. Unlike what the Jetsons predicted, there are no flying cars but Rosie the robot maid? You could say that inspired the creation of Roomba, a dream come true for many who despise house chores. The advancement in robotics engineering is […]