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Can You Develop an Internal Monologue

Can You Develop an Internal Monologue?

The human mind is powerful and constantly seeking to express itself. Sometimes, in the form of an internal monologue.  Internal monologue is also sometimes known as inner speech, inner monologue, inner voice, inner monologue, private speech, intrapersonal communication, or internal dialogue or discourse.  While inner speech is thought to develop during childhood, through patience and […]

How to Improve Reading Speed for SAT

How to Improve Reading Speed for SAT (Read This First!)

Are you preparing for SAT and desire to score a perfect 800 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section?  Reading comprehension is a vital part of SAT, and understanding how to improve your reading speed is very essential if you want a perfect SAT reading score.  The faster you can read and assimilate what you […]

Is Speed Reading a Talent, or Can It Be Learned?

Is Speed Reading a Talent, or Can It Be Learned?

Speed reading is a technique to quickly read large volumes of data without losing comprehension.  Contrary to what many people might believe, speed reading is not a talent you are blessed with but a skill you can develop at any age. You can master the speed reading skill with proper technique and adequate speed reading […]

7 Steps To Maximize Comprehension

7 Steps To Maximize Comprehension

Step #1: When Are You Most Productive? Figure out your peak performance period. This is the time of day where you are most focused. For some people, it’s the morning, and for others, it might be the middle of the day or at night. Try to utilize this time for your most important reading. Step […]

Leveraging Web Technology to Quickly Boost Comprehension

Leverage the Web To Improve Comprehension

In the endeavor of speed reading, one must leverage any and all techniques to help them. Utilizing the web, software, and applications are no exceptions. While the web can be a source of infinite distraction, it can also provide us with immediate and valuable information. Before you begin reading your material, pause for a moment […]


Simple Speed Reading Tip: Use Your Hand

The simplest way to speed up your reading is to use your hand (or a pen). Using your hand to guide your eyes can help you make an immediate boost in your reading speed. This is because your eyes are naturally attracted to motion, using your hand as a pacer can help to improve your […]