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Speed Reading Tips: 5 Ways to Minimize Subvocalization

Speed Reading Tips: 9 Ways to Minimize Subvocalization

Subvocalization (also known as auditory reassurance) is a widespread habit among readers. It involves saying words in your head while reading, and it’s one of the main reasons people read slowly and have trouble improving their reading speed. Many speed-reading programs tend to exaggerate and will falsely claim that the key to speed reading is […]

How To Increase Your Reading Speed

How to Use Peripheral Vision in Reading (Explained for Beginners)

You can use your peripheral vision to improve reading speed by training yourself to look at the space between two words rather than the specific word you want to read. With some practice, you will soon be able to read both words, jump to the next pair, and improve your reading speed drastically. Undoubtedly, reading […]

How to Boost Your Reading Speed with the Deadline Technique

How to Boost Your Reading Speed with the Deadline Technique

How Deadlines Help You Read Faster Let’s rewind the clock and think back to when we were in school when you had to write an eight-page paper. When did you write that eight-page paper? What if it was due in three weeks? Did you start writing it at the day you were assigned? Probably not, […]