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Reasons You Find It Hard to Study

9 Reasons You Find It Hard to Study (And What To Do)

Studying effectively for academic success is crucial. However, it can be a daunting task. If asked, almost everyone can testify to having struggled at some point in their academic life. Perhaps, you presently find it challenging to study. Understand that you are not alone in this struggle. Some reasons you find it hard to study […]

How Many Hours Should You Study a Day

How Many Hours Should You Study a Day? (Answered!)

A college student must study 2-3 hours per week outside of class for every credit hour. That is 24-36 hours for a 12-credit hour course per week, which is about 5-6 hours per day, depending on if you study every day or six days per week.  Are you preparing for exams in school or professional […]

What Is Productivity for Students?

What Is Productivity for Students? (9 Ways to Increase It)

To be able to hit all your targets, everyone needs to be productive. It is a measure of the efforts you make towards accomplishing your goals. For students, productivity refers to their efforts and ability to perform efficiently in their studies. This involves how well they manage their time, their ability to prioritize, and their […]

7 Tips to Study More Efficiently

7 Tips to Study More Efficiently

The most efficient learning methods are counterintuitive. They defy common sense. There is nothing like a math person or a science guru; attitude is everything. It determines your eagerness to learn, and learning is through practice, visualization, and retrieval. Learning is acquiring new knowledge through study, experience, or teachings. It is a never-ending practice. On […]

How Can a Student Be More Productive? (+Tips for Exam Periods)

How Can a Student Be More Productive? (+Tips for Exam Periods)

A student can be more productive by having a disciplined routine. Staying focused on your tasks is an important aspect of being productive. By focusing and following a routine, you will increase productivity and achieve better results.  An unoptimized study station and excessive use of mobiles can lead to distractions that reduce productivity. Unproductiveness can […]

Study Tips To Help Prepare You For Your Next Medical Exam

12 Medical Mnemonic Techniques (With examples)

Mnemonic techniques are valuable learning aids that help recall and retain important information. These techniques date back to ancient Greece and have stood the test of time as people have experienced success using them to recollect crucial details.  Medical mnemonic techniques will assist you in remembering medical terms, concepts, and facts. These techniques include acronyms, […]