TRIO Speed Reading & Memory Workshops

IRIS facilitates Speed Reading & Memory Workshops (In-Person Classes & Virtual Sessions), customized for effectively approaching technical material, research and analytical reading. The techniques are practical and can be implemented immediately to help you read faster, remember more and boost your productivity.

Read Faster.
Remember More.
Boost Your Productivity.

*Workshop Open To All Peshtigo Students, Faculty and Staff.

Core Objectives:

  Increasing your reading speed using practical techniques

  Improving comprehension with better focus and concentration

  Approaching technical material and analytical reading more effectively

  Scoring higher on standardized reading tests using simple strategies

  Remembering and recall vital information using proven methods

  Reading faster on the computer screen & other digital devices

*This workshop is customized for approaching technical material more effectively (textbooks, research articles, standardized reading tests, among other types of analytical reading).

Advanced Speed Reading


Reading Comprehension Strategies


Having The Ability To Get Through New Information Quickly, And Remember It, Is Becoming An Essential Skill In Need Of Constant Improvement & Fine-Tuning.

Mastery Course


Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp Curriculum

Session 1 (60 Minutes)

  How Fast Do You Read? (Initial Speed Measurement)
  Speed Reading Fundamentals
  Changing Old Reading Habits
  Drills and Exercises to Increase Speed
  Reading Faster on the Computer and Other Digital Screens
How To Improve Comprehension Using Proven Methods
Did You Make an Improvement? (Reading Speed Measurement)

Session 2 (60 Minutes)

  Approaching Technical Material More Effectively
  How To Remember More of What You Read
  How Fast Do You Read? (Mid-Workshop Speed Measurement)
  Note-Taking Strategies: How To Take Better and Faster Notes
  Mind-Mapping to Capture Ideas Rather Than Sentences
  How To Boost Your Focus and Concentration While Reading
Applying the 80/20 Principle Towards Reading Dense Material

Session 3 (60 Minutes)

  How Your Memory Works
  Boosting Your Short-Term & Long-Term Memory
  How To Remember Long Lists of Information in a Precise Order
  Memorizing Details Using an Ancient Greek Technique
  Remembering Precise Details Using a Mathematical Approach

Session 4 (60 Minutes)

How To Manage a Large Volume of Reading
How To Read While Dealing With Charts & Diagrams
How To Memorize New Vocabulary Quickly
Remembering More Through Spaced Retrieval Practice
Simple Strategies to Improve Your Productivity

Session 5 (60 Minutes)

Converting Abstract Details into Visual Information
Overcoming Information Addiction (Get More Done in Less Time)
Digital Tools to Improve Focus and Minimize Distractions
How Fast Do You Read? (Final Speed Measurement)
Improving Your Reading Speed Beyond the Workshop

About Your Instructor

Paul NowakPaul Nowak is the Founder & CEO of Iris, the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading and memory training. He has been a guest speaker at universities that include Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, NYU and Columbia University. His programs have been taught worldwide to over 1 Million students, executives and lifelong learners, including at companies such as NASA, Google, LinkedIn and many Fortune 500 companies.

Supplemental Materials

Participants will receive supplemental materials as a follow-up to help reinforce the techniques for continuous improvement beyond the workshop (recordings / refresher content, web-based tools, practice guides, additional guided training resources).


  How to Read Groups of Words

  How to Minimize Subvocalization

  Remember More Through Spaced Learning

  Essential Eye Training

  Learning to Read and Remember Visually

  How to Sharpen Your Focus for Increased Speed

  High Speed Comprehension Strategies

  The Most Efficient Way to Speed Read the News

  Advanced Speed Reading Exercises

  How to Read a Book in 1 Day

  Speed Reading Strategies for Standardized Tests

  BONUS PDF: “30 Tips to Improve Your Memory”

  NEW! The IRIS Method for Effective Reading

  NEW! The Fibonacci Technique for Memory Improvement