Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp

Workshop Hosted By:
University of South Carolina-Lancaster
TRIO Upward Bound Program

In-Person: June 28th & July 12th 9AM - 12PM (Eastern)
Virtual: July 17th, 24th & 31st, TBD AM - TBD PM (Eastern)

Too Much To Read? Not Enough Time?

These two 2 1/2 hour webinar series will help you read faster, remember more and boost your productivity. Learn how to get through new information quickly, and remember it. Save time with your daily reading and start approaching technical material / analytical reading more effectively.

Increase Your Reading Speed Using Practical Techniques

Improve Comprehension with Better Focus and Concentration

Approach Technical Material and Analytical Reading More Effectively

Remember and Recall Vital Information Using Memory Techniques

Read Faster on the Computer and Other Digital Screens


IRIS is the largest and most trusted provider of speed-reading and memory training. Our workshops have been taught worldwide to more than 1 Million+ students, professionals and lifelong learners.

IRIS classes have been hosted by hundreds of colleges and universities, including Harvard, Stanford and the University of Chicago. Our courses have also been customized for executives at organizations that include NASA, Google, LinkedIn, Fidelity Investments, Northern Trust, among many other Fortune 500 companies.


How Fast Do You Read? (Initial Speed Measurement)
Speed Reading Fundamentals
Changing Old Reading Habits
Drills and Exercises to Increase Speed
Reading Faster on the Computer and Other Digital Screens
How To Improve Comprehension Using Proven Methods
Did You Make an Improvement? (Reading Speed Measurement)

Approaching Technical Material More Effectively
How To Remember More of What You Read
How Fast Do You Read? (Mid-Workshop Speed Measurement)
Note-Taking Strategies: How To Take Better and Faster Notes
Mind-Mapping to Capture Ideas Rather Than Sentences
How To Boost Your Focus and Concentration While Reading
Applying the 80/20 Principle Towards Reading Dense Material

How Your Memory Works
Boosting Your Short-Term & Long-Term Memory
How To Remember Long Lists of Information in a Precise Order
Memorizing Details Using an Ancient Greek Technique
Remembering Precise Details Using a Mathematical Approach

How To Manage a Large Volume of Reading
How To Read While Dealing With Charts & Diagrams
How To Memorize New Vocabulary Quickly
Remembering More Through Spaced Retrieval Practice
Simple Strategies to Improve Your Productivity

Converting Abstract Details into Visual Information
Overcoming Information Addiction (Get More Done in Less Time)
Digital Tools to Improve Focus and Minimize Distractions
How Fast Do You Read? (Final Speed Measurement)
Improving Your Reading Speed Beyond the Workshop

  Trusted By Executives & Students Worldwide

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See What Others Are Saying!

“I must thank you for a superb workshop. The students are excited about what they got out of the day, not only reading faster but the memory techniques & other study skills. We definitely want to do the same workshop next year with our entering medical students.”
-Dr. Ellen Cosgrove, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs & Education
UNLV Medical School

“Your class truly had a significant impact on my productivity as well as many others in our research department. Thanks again.”
-Jason Tyler, Executive Vice President
Northern Trust Asset Management

“I believe this was one of our most successful programs and the students who attended were very grateful for the skills they received.”
-Hannah Baker, Director, Graduate & Professional Student Association
Florida Atlantic University

“These techniques were tremendously useful because our office deals with a significant amount of reading and research. Thank you!”
-Anita Kelly, Communications Director
Social Security Advisory Board