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Read Faster.
Remember More.
Boost Your Productivity.

  Speed Reading Workshop
Ideal Timeframe: 90-Minute Session

Too Much To Read? Not Enough Time? This Workshop Will Help You Read Faster, Remember More & Boost Your Productivity.

Learn How To:

  Increase Your Reading Speed Using Practical Techniques

  Improve Comprehension with Better Focus and Concentration

  Approach Technical Content and Analytical Reading More Effectively

  Remember More of What You Read Using Proven Methods

  Read Faster on the Computer Screen & Other Digital Devices

  Maximizing Memory Workshop
Ideal Timeframe: 90-Minute Session

Do You Want To Improve Your Mental Performance? This Workshop Will Cover Science-Backed Methods and Techniques to Improve Your Memory.

What You’ll Learn:

  How Your Memory Works

  Boosting Your Short-Term & Long-Term Memory

  How To Remember More of What You Read

  Memorizing Detailed Information Using an Ancient Greek Technique

  Remembering Precise Details Using a Mathematical Approach

  Effective Note-Taking Workshop
Ideal Timeframe: 60-Minute Session

Need To Recall Specific Details Quickly?

This Workshop Will Cover Expert Strategies that Transform the Way You Commit New Information to Your Memory.

What You’ll Learn:

  How To Take Better and Faster Notes

  Mind-Mapping Techniques to Capture Ideas

  How To Remember Critical Information While Reading

  Strategies for Reviewing Notes to Optimize Retention

  Implementing Visual Note-Taking Versus Linear Notes

  Personal Productivity Workshop
Ideal Timeframe: 60-Minute Session

Want to Accomplish More in Less Time?

This Workshop Will Help You Improve Your Focus so You Can Boost Productivity, Manage Time More Effectively & Eliminate Procrastination.

Learn How To:

  Improve Your Productivity Using Simple Strategies

  Manage Information Intake and Prioritizing Your Reading

  Utilize Digital Tools to Sharpen Your Focus and Minimize Distractions

  Overcome Information Addiction to Accomplish More in Less Time

  Manage Your Time Effectively Using Habitual Best Practices

Speed Reading & Memory Bootcamp Curriculum

5+ Hours of Content (Full-Day Workshop or Series of Live Sessions)

  I. Speed Reading Fundamentals

  How Fast Do You Read?
Initial assessment of participants’ reading speed to establish a baseline.

  Speed Reading Fundamentals
Introduction to the core principles of speed reading.

  Changing Old Reading Habits
Strategies to break old reading habits and adopt speed reading techniques.

  Drills and Exercises to Increase Speed
Hands-on drills and exercises to practice and enhance reading speed.

  Reading Faster on Screens
Techniques for reading faster on computers and other digital devices.

  How To Improve Comprehension Using Proven Methods
Strategies to maintain comprehension while increasing reading speed.

  Did You Make an Improvement?
Mid-workshop reading speed assessment to track individual progress.

  II. Comprehension Strategies & Recall

  Approaching Technical Material More Effectively
Techniques tailored for analytical reading and informational content.

  How To Remember More of What You Read
Memory enhancement strategies for improved retention.

  How Fast Do You Read?
Checkpoint to measure speed improvement midway through workshop.

  Note-Taking Strategies: Better and Faster Notes
Strategies to enhance note-taking speed and efficiency.

  Mind-Mapping for Idea Capture
Techniques to capture ideas efficiently using mind-mapping.

  How To Boost Focus and Concentration While Reading
Strategies for maintaining focus during extended reading sessions.

  Applying the 80/20 Principle Towards Reading Dense Material
Leveraging Pareto’s Law for efficient reading of dense material.

  III. Memory Techniques & Retention

  How Your Memory Works
Understanding the basics of memory functioning.

  Boosting Your Short-Term & Long-Term Memory
Techniques to enhance both short-term and long-term memory.

  How To Remember Long Lists of Information in a Precise Order
Implementing the Numeric Peg System to remember critical information.

  Memorizing Details Using an Ancient Greek Technique
Exploring the Memory Palace to memorize detailed information.

  How To Manage a Large Volume of Reading
Strategies for prioritizing your reading and managing information intake.

  How To Read While Dealing With Charts & Diagrams
Techniques for effective reading when faced with charts and diagrams.

  How To Memorize New Vocabulary Quickly
Quick memorization strategies for expanding vocabulary.

  Remembering More Through Spaced Retrieval Practice
Implementing the Fibonacci Sequence strategically to maximize retention.

  Simple Strategies to Improve Your Productivity
Proven strategies to enhance overall reading and learning productivity.

  IV. Advanced Techniques & Productivity

  Converting Abstract Details into Visual Information
Visual note-taking strategies for informational reading material.

  Overcoming Information Addiction to Get More Done in Less Time
Addressing and overcoming information addiction for increased efficiency.

  Digital Tools to Improve Focus and Minimize Distractions
Tools and techniques for maintaining focus in a digital environment.

  How Fast Do You Read?
Final assessment to measure the overall improvement in reading speed.

  Improving Your Reading Speed Beyond the Workshop
Tips and strategies to reinforce techniques for continuous improvement.

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