Customized In-Person Classes:

  •   90-Minute Session: Speed Reading 101

  •   4-Hour Workshop: Speed Reading & Memory Techniques

  •   8-Hour Training: Speed Reading Mastery

  •   Customized to Fit Any Timeframe That Works Best for You

  •   Tailored Towards a Broad Audience or Specific Groups

  •   Learn How To:

  •   Increase your reading speed using practical techniques
  •   Improve comprehension with better focus and concentration
  •   Approach technical content and analysis more effectively
  •   Remember vital information using specific memory techniques
  •   Read faster on the computer screen & other digital devices
  • Popular Workshop Formats:
    90 Minutes – Speed Reading 101
    *4 Hours – Speed Reading & Memory Techniques
    6 to 8 Hours – Speed Reading Mastery

      Customized Workshop Agendas

    Speed Reading Mastery
    Ideal Timeframe: 6 to 8 hours
    (1 or 2 days – includes breaks)

  •   How Fast Do You Read? (Initial Speed Measurement)
  •   Speed Reading Fundamentals
  •   Changing Old Reading Habits
  •   Essential Eye-Training: Drills & Exercises To Increase Speed
  •   How To Improve Comprehension
  •   Reading Faster On The Computer Screen & Other Digital Devices
  •   Approaching Technical Information More Effectively
  •   How To Remember More Of What You Read
  •   Mind-Mapping & Note-Taking Strategies
  •   How To Boost Your Focus & Concentration
  •   Applying The 80/20 Principle Towards Reading
  •   Remembering Vital Information Using Specific Memory Techniques
  •   How To Read While Dealing With Charts & Diagrams
  •   How To Deal With a Large Volume of Reading
  •   How To Remember New Vocabulary Quickly
  •   Improving Your Reading Speed Beyond The Workshop
  •   How Fast Do You Read? (Final Speed Measurement)

  • Maximizing Memory
    Ideal Timeframe: 60 to 90 minutes

  •   How Your Memory Works
  •   Boosting Your Short-Term & Long-Term Memory
  •   How To Memorize Vital Information More Effectively
  •   Remembering Long Lists of Information in a Precise Order
  •   Recall Details Quickly Using an Ancient Greek Technique

  • Strategic Note-Taking
    Ideal Timeframe: 60 to 75 minutes

  •   How to take better and faster notes in business settings
  •   Mind-mapping for capturing ideas rather than sentences
  •   When to take visual notes versus linear notes
  •   Recalling vital information when reading dense material
  •   Documenting action plans and meeting minutes effectively

  • Personal Productivity
    Ideal Timeframe: 60 to 90 minutes

  •   Simple Strategies To Improve Your Productivity
  •   How Your Memory Works
  •   How To Manage a High Volume of Reading
  •   Overcoming Information Addiction To Get More Done
  •   Digital Tools To Improve Focus and Minimize Distractions
  •   How To Improve Your Focus While Reading

  • How To Remember Names More Effectively
    Ideal Timeframe: 60 to 75 minutes

  •   How Your Memory Works
  •   Creating Strong Visual Associations For Effective Recall
  •   Coverting Abstract Details Into Visual Information
  •   Reinforcing Visual Recall Over Verbal Recall
  •   How To Memorize Many Names At Once
  •   Remembering More Through Spaced Retrieval Practice


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See What Others Are Saying:

“Your class truly had a significant impact on my productivity as well as many others in Ariel’s research department. Thanks again.”
-Jason Tyler, Executive Vice President
Northern Trust Asset Management

“I must thank you for a superb workshop. The students are excited about what they got out of the day, not only reading faster but the memory techniques & other study skills. We definitely want to do the same workshop next year with our entering medical students.”
-Dr. Ellen Cosgrove, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs & Education
UNLV Medical School

“Our office deals with a significant amounts of daily reading and research. These techniques were tremendously useful in terms of productivity. Thank you!”
-Anita Kelly, Communications Director
Social Security Advisory Board

“I wanted to thank you for the speed reading workshop. I believe this was one of our most successful programs and the students who attended were very grateful for the skills they received.”
-Hannah Baker, Director, Graduate & Professional Student Association
Florida Atlantic University

“It was a great learning session – I absorbed a lot of information within a very short period of time. My reading speed increased significantly while retaining the same comprehension. Very helpful as a 1st year MBA student because of the intensive amounts of reading required.”
-David T., MBA Student
Georgetown University MBA Program

“I took the Speed Reading and Memory workshop with Alex Nowak at Cal State University – Northridge in April 2019. This course was a life saver for me! I’m a graduate student and I work full time as a Cultural Resources Specialist – both demand a lot of reading and research from me. The Speed Reading course was incredibly helpful, every aspect of it! Before taking this course, I never thought of strategies for reading, never thought that reading fast requires training like everything else in life. At the beginning of the course we tested our reading speed and I scored below average. Just after 1 session I improved approximately 40%! My favorite exercise is the Speed Drill where you read at 400 wpm (words per minute) or faster. I use this everyday and have become a much more efficient researcher. I used to associate my slow reading to English being my second language, but now I know that all I needed was to have strategies and practice! The IRIS reading method has significantly contributed to my academic and professional success. Thank you!”
-Rafaella L., Graduate Student
Cal State University