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Improve Your Vocabulary and Writing Skills

12 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary and Writing Skills

Are you facing discrimination at your workplace due to weak vocabulary skills? Do you wish to possess more vital writing skills? This article might be the solution you are looking for. Let’s discuss some practical ways to improve your vocabulary and writing skills. Developing reading habits can improve writing and vocabulary skills. Reading exposes you […]

Are There Exercises to Improve Memory

Are There Exercises to Improve Memory? (7 Proven Drills)

Brain exercises can be really effective at improving memory. Some of these exercises include learning a foreign language, playing crossword puzzles, number skipping, the 4 details observation task, and repeating what people say in your mind.  From age 30 and above, the brain begins to shrink. The rate of shrinkage accelerates as people cross into […]

How to summarize a text in English (7 easy steps)

How to Summarize a Text in English (7 Easy Steps)

Knowing how to summarize a text is an essential skill. It helps us in improving our understanding. Yet sometimes, it can pose quite a challenge. But there’s no need to get overwhelmed because we have your back! Here’s how to summarize any text in English: Carefully read the text and make sure you fully understand […]

Can Memory Be Improved?

Can Memory Be Improved?

You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to improve your memory. To improve your memory, you should exercise, eat healthy food, and sleep well. But you should also take part in meditation and use brain-training applications to improve your memory skills. A healthy lifestyle and some training can help train your […]

How Can I Test My Memory

How Can I Test My Memory?

By taking a few simple tests such as picture, number, and face recall, you can understand how sharp your memory is. Memory is an essential part of our lives, and it’s important to keep track of how well we’re doing.  This will help you know if there might be any areas where you need to […]

How Can I Sharpen My Mind?

How Can I Sharpen My Mind?

There are many ways to sharpen the mind. But these can be consolidated into four – eliminate or reduce stress, keep your body in good shape, exercise your brain, and take specially-designed memory courses. You should be interested in sharpening your mind to understand and recall what you read easily. In this post, we’ll tell […]