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The Simple Technique to Help Your Child Read More Fluently

The Simple Technique to Help Your Child Read More Fluently

Many elementary school children have no problem recognizing words, but their reading fluency could use a bit of help. Reading fluency is the ability to read quickly, accurately, and with the right expression. When a child has trouble with fluency, you can hear it as they read aloud. They sound more chopping and robotic, as […]

exercises that keep your brain active during the day

5 Exercises That Will Keep Your Brain Active During the Day

How many times have you found yourself going from meeting to meeting to checking email to multitasking during your lunch hour? It isn’t uncommon for many professionals to forget to take a mental health break in their busy days. Breaks are essential because they prevent “decision fatigue,” motivate you, and, contrary to belief, help with […]

reading materials that aren't books

Reading Materials That Aren’t Books to Practice Speed Reading

  When you hear the word “read,” what do you think of? For most people, novel, book, or work documents are what comes to mind. These are all great to practice speed reading while getting work or studying done. We encourage you to get creative with how you practice your speed reading skills with other […]

How College Students Can Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

The summer after you graduate high school always seems to be a bit of a blur. Between friends leaving for their next journey in life and you, yourself preparing to head out to college, there’s a lot to fit in in only a small amount of time. The ACTs and SATs you studied for (which […]

Creative and Fun Ways to Increase and Strengthen Your Vocabulary Daily

How many times have you found yourself with writer’s block because you can’t think of the right word to use? You’re not alone! It happens to the best of writers. Vocabulary is your best friend when it comes to diversifying your writing. Learning new vocabulary requires a good memory, and if you’re someone who has […]

Start Increasing Your Speed With This Basic Drill

Start Increasing Your Speed With This Basic Drill

Learning to read faster takes practice, and like many other skills that you practice, there are drills and exercises that can be done to improve your reading skills. One particular exercise that can be useful to practice is the basic “speed drill.” Speed drills help you improve your reading speed by forcing you to see […]