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Scientists Develop a New Font That Can Improve Your Memory

The written word has a fascinating history. Historians believe that writing may have been invented three times in three different parts of the world. Denise Schmandt-Besserat of the University of Texas at Austin explains more in her paper, The Evolution of Writing. “Of these three writing systems, therefore, only the earliest, the Mesopotamian cuneiform script, […]

Gender Differences in Reading Comprehension

Gender Differences in Reading Comprehension (Complete Guide)

The difference in reading comprehension between males and females has been studied for a long time. Generally, according to international reading studies like PIRLS and PISA, females are better readers than males.  Several hypotheses try to explain why there is a gender difference in reading comprehension, evident amongst the 10-year-olds measured in PIRLS and even […]

learn while you sleep

Learn While You Sleep? Study Shows You Can

    Sleep takes up a large portion of our days. The average American gets between six to eight hours of sleep a night. Think about what you could be doing or learning in that period of time! If you could only be productive while you sleep, you could finally have the time to learn […]