Study Finds Girls are "Significantly" Better at Reading and Writing Than Boys
girls better at reading than boys

Study Finds Girls are “Significantly” Better at Reading and Writing Than Boys

Are girls really better at reading than boys? In a recent study published in the journal American Psychologist, researchers found that girls scored higher on literacy tests than boys. A team of researchers reviewed data on 3.9 million literacy tests scores from students in fourth, eighth, and twelfth grades. The results were shocking, to say the least.

Study lead author David Reilly says, “It appears that the gender gap for writing tasks has been greatly underestimated. Despite our best efforts with changes in teaching methods, this gap does not appear to be reducing over time.”

Why are girls better at reading than boys?

Researchers found a few different factors explaining the study’s results. In general, boys are more likely to have behavioral problems and develop learning disabilities. This is one cause of why there is a gap in reading and writing abilities between girls and boys. Also, the idea that society pressures males to conform to more masculine ideals, like science and math, was another circumstance to their results.

Watch the video below to learn what else researchers found in their study.

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