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The Unschedule

The Unschedule: An Effective Method to Beat Procrastination

The 9 – 5 work mentality society knows as the norm may not be the most productive way of accomplishing your study goals. Going from class-to-class and straight home to study more puts you at risk for burnout. Instead, what research shows is that those who take frequent breaks throughout the day are more productive, […]

exercises that keep your brain active during the day

5 Exercises That Will Keep Your Brain Active During the Day

How many times have you found yourself going from meeting to meeting to checking email to multitasking during your lunch hour? It isn’t uncommon for many professionals to forget to take a mental health break in their busy days. Breaks are essential because they prevent “decision fatigue,” motivate you, and, contrary to belief, help with […]

How Your smartphone Habits Impact Your Productivity

How Your Smartphone Habits Impact Your Productivity

1992 was the magical year when one piece of technology changed the way we operate to this day. IBM invented their Simon Personal Computer, releasing it two years later to the public. The brick-like device cost over $1,000 and had an hour’s worth of battery life. In 1994 the phone wasn’t capable of accessing email […]

How To Better Absorb Textbooks When Preparing For An Exam

How To Better Absorb Textbooks When Preparing For An Exam

Heavily debated in society is whether college textbooks are worth reading. If you go to class and take notes, you should be fine. Right? Actually, textbooks are essential to take the time to read because they give you a baseline for that field of study. Textbooks, unlike websites or newspaper articles, have a detailed account […]

Best Books To Help You Figure Out Your Life

The 7 Best Books To Help You Figure Out Your Life

What a journey it is to figure out what you want to do after high school and beyond. Deciding whether or not to go to college, what college to go to, and what to study are all decisions that require you to go deep and figure out what you are passionate about in life. Graduation […]

prolonged sitting

Study Says That Companies Must Take Stand Against Prolonged Sitting

Hard to believe it, but sitting for a prolonged period of time is detrimental to your health. For professionals with office jobs, this poses a dilemma. There are sometimes where you have to sit it out! Important new client meetings or board meetings are a few of the many office obligations that are more professional […]