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Make it stupid easy, but do it daily

Make it stupid easy, but do it daily

First week of the new year! How’s it going? It’s that time of year when many choose to develop new habits. And when it comes to new habits, the following approach has simplified my life and it made it better. 1.) Choose One Thing You Want To Make a Habit There are a lot of […]

Improve Your Vocabulary and Writing Skills

12 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary and Writing Skills

Are you facing discrimination at your workplace due to weak vocabulary skills? Do you wish to possess more vital writing skills? This article might be the solution you are looking for. Let’s discuss some practical ways to improve your vocabulary and writing skills. Developing reading habits can improve writing and vocabulary skills. Reading exposes you […]

Is Productivity Overrated?

Is Productivity Overrated? (Important Facts)

Productivity may be an overrated concept, but it is a skill that leads people to success. However, it is not always easy to achieve; it takes enormous effort and consistency. Getting things done efficiently has become a prized commodity for most people, with individuals often seeking ways to boost their productivity. Thankfully, there are many […]

What Is Productivity for Students?

What Is Productivity for Students? (9 Ways to Increase It)

To be able to hit all your targets, everyone needs to be productive. It is a measure of the efforts you make towards accomplishing your goals. For students, productivity refers to their efforts and ability to perform efficiently in their studies. This involves how well they manage their time, their ability to prioritize, and their […]

Is Productivity a Skill

Is Productivity a Skill? (7-Minute Read)

Productivity is a soft skill that encompasses problem-solving, time management, prioritizing urgent and essential things, and more. It is the ability to perform efficiently and consistently, making the most of available resources in a given time frame. Everyone wants to be productive regardless of whether they are in school, studying for academic reasons, looking for […]