Speed Reading Mastery for Financial Professionals

This course is customized for financial professionals and executives who need to get through new information quickly, and remember it. Learn advanced techniques for effectively approaching different types of technical material and analysis.

Read Faster
Remember More
Boost Your Productivity

40 Lessons, 8+ Hours of Content


Core Objectives:

  Increase Your Reading Speed Using Practical Techniques

  Improve Comprehensive with Better Focus and Concentration

  Approach Technical Content and Analysis More Effectively

  Remember Critical Information Using Proven Methods

  Read Faster on the Computer and Other Digital Screens

(View Detailed Curriculum Below)

About Your Instructor:

Paul Nowak is the Founder & CEO of IRIS, the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading and memory training. He has been a guest speaker at universities that include Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Berkeley, NYU and Columbia University. His programs have been taught worldwide to over 1 Million students, executives and lifelong learners, including at companies such as NASA, Google, Fidelity Investments, Gilead Sciences, among other prestigious research institutions.

  Introduction – What We’ll Cover
  Measuring Your Reading Speed
  Reading Speed Test #1
  What Is The Average Reading Speed?
  Changing Old Reading Habits
  Using a Pacer to Increase Speed
  Reading Faster on the Screen
  Speed Drills: How They Work
  Speed Drills: Practice Exercises
  Reading Speed Test #2
  Did You Make an Improvement?
  Why You Should “Inspect” Your Material
  How to “Inspect”
  What To Be Mindful of Before You Start Reading
  Read the Article & Calculate Your Speed
  How Fast Did You Read?
  How To Read Technical Information
  How To Read Financial News
  Strategies for Quarterly Earnings Statements
  Strategic Approaches for Earnings Call Transcripts

  Strategic Approaches for Annual Reports
  How To Continue Improving Speed
  How To Read Groups of Words
  How To Reduce Subvocalization
  Remember More Through Spaced Learning
  Essential Eye-Training
  How To Sharpen Your Focus for Increased Speed
  Advanced Speed Reading Exercises
  The Fibonacci Technique for Memory Improvement
  How the 80/20 Rule Improves Comprehension
  Reading on the Kindle – Comprehension Tips
  The Read and Recall Exercise
  How Should I Take Notes?
  When Should I Take Notes?
  15 Ways to Focus Through Boring Reading Material
  How To Improve Your Focus and Limit Distractions
  To Optimize Comprehension, How Fast Should I Read?
  How To Deal With Charts, Diagrams & Formulas
  How To Read a New Book Each Day
  Quick Summary of Concepts and Techniques

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