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Expand Your Lexicon: 19 Top Vocabulary Exercises Explained

Expand Your Lexicon: 19 Top Vocabulary Exercises Explained

Ever find yourself at a loss for words? Or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a complex word that sent you scrambling for a dictionary. Don’t worry, we have all been there. Expanding your lexicon broadens your understanding, enabling you to communicate better. But how do you improve your English vocabulary? Vocabulary exercises are a powerful tool […]

Best Books to Read For Ages 1 – 19

At each age of life, you’ve probably come across that one book that stuck with you. That one book that had a profound effect on you. That one book, that to this day when you see it, it stirs up a memory. That’s why we’ve put together this five-series post on the best book for […]

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Elon Musk Top 20 Books That Will Advance Your Knowledge

Elon Musk recommends the most exceptional readings. While other legends such as Bill Gates led toward imaginative books, Musk’s compilations are about science. The Tesla CEO and founder of SpaceX and PayPal inspire people to dream big.  Of course, exceptions cover conventional business, but the rest revolve around scientific history or its relation to public […]

Destinations Every Book Lover Needs to Visit at Least Once

Ahhh, summer vacations. Time to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and discover new places. Best of all, it is time to catch up on reading! What better place to do so than in a city known for its love and support for books. For any literary lover looking for a new destination to explore, […]

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Children’s Books You Need to Reread As An Adult

You’re never too old to enjoy a good children’s book! Rereading children’s books as an adult can be very rewarding. The stories you knew and grew to love as a kid provide comfort, stress reduction, and the reward of rediscovering a youthful you. Rereading a children’s book as an adult also provides an outlet to […]