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Most Popular Fiction Books From The Past 100 Years

Most Popular Fiction Books From The Past 100 Years

All artists, be they a painter, singers, or musicians, want the same thing, to be recognized as the best of the best and go down in history as such. Fame is more than what one person needs; fortune happens to be a plus.  It’s great to see an author’s success continue to grow throughout their […]

Jeff Bezos

10 Books That Jeff Bezos Recommends Downloading to Your Kindle

Hard to believe but Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994. It all began when Bezos put together a list of products that could be profitable if there was an online marketplace to purchase them. Among the list were compact discs, computer hardware, software, videos, and books. Bezos settled on books among all the products he […]

Best Books to Read For Ages 61 – 80

Now we’re in the golden years of life. There is a shift in lifestyle as you retire, downsize, and begin to enjoy having free time to spend however you please. Hopefully, reading is still a large part of your free time! For those ages 61 to 80, keep these fantastic books in mind. Age 61 […]

Best Books to Read For Ages 41 – 60

Oh boy. Now we’re getting up there in age. Hey, 40 is the new 20 these days, right? Let’s dive right in and see what picks we had this week for readers 41 to 60. Age 41 Yes Please by Amy Poehler Let’s start your 40’s with a good belly laugh. Comedian Amy Poehler shares […]

Young Adult Anthologies

2019’s Best Young Adult Anthologies to Add to Your TBR List

Anthologies are the perfect read for any young adult who needs a bit of diversity in a book. To have a mix of different stories keeps the book fresh and enjoyable. Anthologies can be teaching moments or examples for writers-to-be on how to tell a short story. This year, you’ll want to read some of […]