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How Do You Fix an Exhausted Brain

How Do You Fix an Exhausted Brain?

If you have ever felt like your brain wants to go on vacation due to stress and a demanding lifestyle, it was probably brain exhaustion. Not to worry, though, as there are ways to overcome it, such as getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising regularly, staying organized, or even getting professional help if nothing else […]

How Can Personal Productivity Be Improved?

How Can Personal Productivity Be Improved?

There are many ways to improve personal productivity. But we can consolidate them into five – stay healthy, plan your work, avoid distractions, learn to say “No,” and take specially-designed productivity courses. You should be interested in improving your productivity if you want to get the most out of your day. The more productive you […]

Start Increasing Your Speed With This Basic Drill

Two Speed Reading Exercises You Can Practice at Home (Step by Step)

There are simple exercises you could practice at home to improve your reading speed instantly. However, you need to practice for at least five to fifteen minutes daily to increase your words per minute.  Your reading speed eventually will be consistent, above the average 250 words per minute, and perhaps steadily increase to more than […]

How To Remember More of What You Read

How To Remember More of What You Read [VIDEO]

Do you easily forget what you read? Learn how to remember more of what you read in this free class offered by Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading. You’ll learn how your memory works and how you can utilize simple techniques to improve your retention of the material. Materials for this webinar: Presentation Slides, Article […]