How To Remember More of What You Read [Video]
How To Remember More of What You Read

How To Remember More of What You Read [VIDEO]

Do you easily forget what you read? Learn how to remember more of what you read in this free class offered by Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading. You’ll learn how your memory works and how you can utilize simple techniques to improve your retention of the material.
Materials for this webinar: Presentation Slides, Article 1 (PDF), and Article 2 (PDF)

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Paul Nowak

Paul is the founder of Iris Reading, the largest provider of speed-reading and memory courses. His workshops have been taught to thousands of students and professionals worldwide at institutions that include: NASA, Google, HSBC and many Fortune 500 companies.

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  • alma m hernandez

    HI Paul,
    I took one of your classes a few months ago, and you provided a website to help us practice speed reading. The website provided flashing words, I think an article needed to be uploaded. I seem to have lost the website address, would you be able to provided that page one more time, please?
    I’m in Tucson and looking into attending one of your classes, live. thank you,

    • Alek Sander

      I believe you are referring to AccelaReader. Enjoy!