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Are There Exercises to Improve Memory

Are There Exercises to Improve Memory? (7 Proven Drills)

Brain exercises can be really effective at improving memory. Some of these exercises include learning a foreign language, playing crossword puzzles, number skipping, the 4 details observation task, and repeating what people say in your mind.  From age 30 and above, the brain begins to shrink. The rate of shrinkage accelerates as people cross into […]

Can You Rebuild Your Memory?

Can You Rebuild Your Memory?

Rebuilding memory is possible through various mental exercises, lifestyle changes, improvements in diet, and supplementation. Your memory is like your muscles; it gets strong when you use it and weak when you don’t. We often experience that our memory begins to blur as we age or when life gets too busy or fast-paced.  Have you […]

What Is The Chunking Memory Strategy?

What Is The Chunking Memory Strategy?

Chunking is a way to help us remember large pieces of information easily by grouping them into “chunks.” You can recall these chunks of data by retaining a single word or phrase. People widely use this technique to enhance their short-term memory. Usually, the human brain can only keep around 7 pieces of information in […]

What Are The 10 Worst Foods For Memory?

What Are The 13 Worst Foods For Memory?

Did you lose your train of thought while speaking or forget why you entered a room? You might assume that’s just part of the natural aging process, but it could also be related to what you eat. Refined carbs, fast food, processed meat, vegetable oils, and sugary drinks have detrimental effects on your brain. They […]

The Chunking Memory Technique

The Chunking Memory Technique [Podcast]

For most people, short-term memory is limited to a certain extent. For example, most people have trouble remembering more than 7 individual pieces of information at a time. It is the same reason why we need to make a list of groceries to get if the list of items gets close to or more than […]