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Start Increasing Your Speed With This Basic Drill

Two Speed Reading Exercises You Can Practice at Home (Step by Step)

There are simple exercises you could practice at home to improve your reading speed instantly. However, you need to practice for at least five to fifteen minutes daily to increase your words per minute.  Your reading speed eventually will be consistent, above the average 250 words per minute, and perhaps steadily increase to more than […]

How To Boost Your Reading Speed

How To Boost Your Reading Speed [VIDEO]

Are you behind in your reading? This webinar will help you catch up. In this lesson, you’ll learn a simple speed-reading drill that can help you make an immediate improvement in your reading speed today. Learn to read faster requires practice and this webinar discusses how you can practice to start boosting your speed. Materials […]

How To Remember More of What You Read

How To Remember More of What You Read [VIDEO]

Do you easily forget what you read? Learn how to remember more of what you read in this free class offered by Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading. You’ll learn how your memory works and how you can utilize simple techniques to improve your retention of the material. Materials for this webinar: Presentation Slides, Article […]

How To Improve Your Comprehension

How To Improve Your Comprehension [VIDEO]

Do you have trouble understanding what you read? In this video, you’ll learn comprehension strategies to help you get more out of the material that you read. You’ll learn how to approach various types of materials, some of which include newspaper and magazine articles, textbook chapters and other types of technical information. Materials for this […]

3-Step Process To Improve Retention

3-Step Process To Improve Retention

In addition to many specific drill sets designed to help train and condition one’s ability to recall, here is a rather straightforward 3-step methodology one can apply to almost any type of reading material. Step One: Preview What this step entails is to read the first and last paragraphs of an article, section, chapter, or […]