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The Chunking Memory Technique

The Chunking Memory Technique [Podcast]

For most people, short-term memory is limited to a certain extent. For example, most people have trouble remembering more than 7 individual pieces of information at a time. It is the same reason why we need to make a list of groceries to get if the list of items gets close to or more than […]

Remembering Names

Remembering Names [Podcast]

Do you forget names easily? Forgetting names is one of the most common memory problems people have. Learning to remember names effectively can help you in a variety of ways. Some of the most successful people have mastered the technique of remembering names and you can too. This episode will teach you how to remember […]

30 Tips to Improve Your Memory

Get plenty of sleep. Lack of rest will have a negative effect on your memory. Keep yourself hydrated. Studies have shown that a 2% decrease in hydration can lead to a 20% loss in energy. Since your body and your brain are inter-related, you need to keep your system hydrated to improve your brain’s efficiency. […]

Introduction to Memory Improvement

Introduction to Memory Improvement [Podcast]

Do you easily forget things? This episode discusses common memory problems and techniques that can help you remember things better. The “chunking” technique and the visualization approach are explained, and we do an analysis of how these techniques can be used to remember things more efficiently. You’ll be surprised of the difference these techniques can […]

How to Boost Your Reading Speed Right Now

How to Boost Your Reading Speed Right Now [Podcast]

Learn how to easily improve your reading speed right now with this simple speed-reading exercise. Paul Nowak, Founder of Iris Reading shows you how to read faster through a simple speed reading technique. Click Here To Download This Podcast Share this post:   More Resources: Attend a live speed-reading course in your city Register for an online […]