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Inner Monologue and IQ

Inner Monologue and IQ (Are They Related?)

  There is a connection between a person’s inner monologue and intelligence. It is more likely for adults with developed verbal skills and a higher IQ to have a wordier inner voice than children with less language development and lower IQ.  However, some people access their internal monologue visually rather than audibly.  For instance, it […]

Is Speed Reading a Sign of Intelligence

Is Speed Reading a Sign of Intelligence? (6-Minute Read)

Speed reading allows you to rapidly recognize and absorb phrases on a page all at once, rather than identifying individual words. While there may be no strong and reliable correlation between reading speed and IQ, speed reading is still beneficial in improving one’s level of intelligence.  As it is, there is no clear consensus on […]

Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence

Is Memory a Sign of Intelligence? (Quick Facts)

Having a bad memory is a sign of high intelligence. If you have a hard time remembering, it’s a good indication that your brain is more focused on the essential things. Packing your brain full of memories for an exam or a business meeting is overrated and could harm your chances of success.  Memory is […]

Does Reading Increase IQ

Does Reading Increase IQ?

Reading will increase your knowledge and vocabulary (which increases your crystallized intelligence), and it’ll help you detect patterns and solve problems (which increases your fluid intelligence). Reading also helps you understand and manage emotions (which increases your emotional intelligence). Everyone wants a high score on the IQ test. Everyone wants to be considered intelligent. Intelligence sets […]

What Are The 10 Worst Foods For Memory?

What Are The 13 Worst Foods For Memory?

Did you lose your train of thought while speaking or forget why you entered a room? You might assume that’s just part of the natural aging process, but it could also be related to what you eat. Refined carbs, fast food, processed meat, vegetable oils, and sugary drinks have detrimental effects on your brain. They […]