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LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

10 LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

If you have your LSAT coming up or you are planning to take it, this article is for you.  The LSAT reading comprehension section is one of the most challenging sections for students. Many students feel they don’t have enough time to complete this section. And that’s mainly because of their inadequate preparation.  Standardized tests […]

26 Longest Words to Describe Someone

26 Longest Words to Describe Someone (Explained!)

There are many adjectives to describe people in the English language. Yet, some of the longest words are the most striking. Either positive or negative, adjectives are the perfect tool to describe a human being’s appearance, behavior, and personality. These paint a vivid picture of the person.  We can say that someone is hard-working, short-tempered, […]

Is Speed Reading a Talent, or Can It Be Learned?

Is Speed Reading a Talent, or Can It Be Learned?

Speed reading is a technique to quickly read large volumes of data without losing comprehension.  Contrary to what many people might believe, speed reading is not a talent you are blessed with but a skill you can develop at any age. You can master the speed reading skill with proper technique and adequate speed reading […]

Is It Possible To Read A Book A Day

Is It Possible To Read A Book A Day?

 Yes, it is possible to read a book a day. You can achieve this goal by: Learning to speed read Joining a reading challenge Adjusting your mindset Shifting between genres Choosing books you enjoy reading Keeping books with you at all times Minimizing distractions Stocking up on books Exploiting technology Borrowing time from other […]